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Hi Everyone! I hope you’re having a great day! Today, I wanted to share some of my favourite shopping apps that could save you time and money on your next shopping trip. I am always looking for a great deal and if there is a way to do it on my phone, it only makes the process easier! Enjoy! (available on Google Play and the Apple Store)

If you are a fan of using coupons, you definitely need to download this app. I like it because it is very simple to use and they have plenty of great deals every week. Once you create an account, you are able to browse through the different deals available that day. If you find something you are interested in purchasing, simply upload an image of the receipt to the app. Once approved, it will add the cash back to your account, where you can cash out on Paypal (maybe for other online purchases?). This is a secure and quick method of receiving your cash back in case you do not want to wait for a cheque in the mail.


Flipp (available on Google Play and the Apple Store)

Flipp is an app that allows you to flip through your favourite flyers for that week. The reason why I really love it is because it allows you to clip different items within the flyer that you want to add to your shopping list. For me, it makes shopping much easier than having to carry around flyers in a store and it also works great for price matching.

 Checkout 51 (available on Google Play and the Apple Store)

Checkout 51 was the app that started this entire experience for me. I’ve been able to cash out the most money with this app and similar to’s app, the user uploads their receipt to the application and waits for approval. Once approved, they are able to cash out ($20.00 minimum) and Checkout 51 will mail a cheque directly to their home. Also, the user can access their account on their home computer, if it is more convenient.


Stocard (available on Google Play, Windows and the Apple Store)

The amount of wallet space that I’ve saved with this app is shocking. I always get the store cards – why? Because they give you a promotional discount, points etc. Enter Stocard, an app that allows users to store their loyalty cards in one place. With this app, I was able to remove 28 (yikes!) cards from my wallet! It works the same as having the card in your wallet and merchants can scan or type the barcode that appears on your phone. I still get my points without the weight!


RedFlagDeals (available on Google Play and the Apple Store)

If you’ve used RedFlagDeals online, then you need to use their app. It provides you with the best deals on electronics, clothing, baby items and more. If you are wondering whether your favourite store is having a sale online, check out RedFlagDeals.

 Snap by Groupon (available on Google Play and the Apple Store)

Similar to and Checkout 51’s app, Snap by Groupon allows users to upload receipts for cash back. I found that this app has more produce than other apps so if you find yourself picking up some produce this weekend, don’t forget to scan the receipt for cash back. Again, users can cash out and receive a cheque in the mail.


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